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  • P5944[USACO2017 Jan] Promotion Counting
    Limits : Time Limit : - MS   Memory Limit : - KB
    Judgment Tips : 1s,256m

    The cows have once again tried to form a startup company, failing to remember from past experience that cows make terrible managers!The cows, conveniently numbered 1…N1…N (1≤N≤100,000), organize the company as a tree, with cow 1 as the president (the root of the tree). Each cow except the president has a single manager (its "parent" in the tree). Each cow ii has a distinct proficiency rating, p(i), which describes how good she is at her job. If cow ii is an ancestor (e.g., a manager of a manager of a manager) of cow jj, then we say jj is a subordinate of ii. Unfortunately, the cows find that it is often the case that a manager has less proficiency than several of her subordinates, in which case the manager should consider promoting some of her subordinates. Your task is to help the cows figure out when this is happening. For each cow ii in the company, please count the number of subordinates jj where p(j)>p(i).



    Input Format

    The first line of input contains N The next N lines of input contain the proficiency ratings p(1)…p(N) for the cows. Each is a distinct integer in the range 1…1,000,000,000 The next N-1 lines describe the manager (parent) for cows 2…N Recall that cow 1 has no manager, being the president. n,表示有几只奶牛 n<=100000



    Output Format

    Please print N lines of output. The ith line of output should tell the number of subordinates of cow ii with higher proficiency than cow i.


    Sample Input


    Sample Output

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